Issue:cPanel 56 upgrade
Status:cPanel 56 upgrades are currently being deployed
Who is impacted?VPS and Dedicated Hosting customers who have NOT turned off Automatic Updates
Estimated time until resolution:Upgrades will be implemented over several days.

This release will not be applied to shared hosting packages at this time.

Some changes to note with this release:

Security Notifications via Email

The WHM’s Security Advisor feature conducts a fundamental security assessment of the server and will send alerts to the server’s contact email. Though this functionality is commendable, it may flag potential issues that pose negligible risks to the server’s security. Presently, there is no option to turn off this feature. Nonetheless, the emails can be disregarded.

Copy Multiple Accounts/Packages from Another Server with the Transfer Tool

With the Transfer Tool interface, you can now easily replicate multiple Accounts and Packages from another server. This feature will be particularly beneficial for resellers who require a seamless and efficient method to migrate a significant number of accounts from their previous host or a distinct server.

What you will need to use the Transfer Tool:

  1. SSH access to the remote server
  2. root-level privileges with the su or sudo commands

Convert Addon Domain to Account

The latest interface now enables you to convert an existing addon domain into a complete cPanel account. This function will prove beneficial for customers who aim to provide complete cPanel access to users who are currently managing an addon domain only.

Review Transfers and Restores

This features provides you with an interface to review logs for server transfers and account restorations.



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