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How to Add Storage Space to Backup Manager in AMP Marketplace

This guide will provide instructions on how to expand your backup storage capacity using the AMP Marketplace. By purchasing additional storage, you can increase your data backup storage limit.

Please note that this article specifically covers the management of remotely stored Automated Backups. If you require further information regarding cPanel backups, please refer to our guides: “How to Perform a Full Backup in cPanel” and “Restoring a Backup.”

Need More Backup Storage?

Properly maintaining your website backups is crucial to ensuring the safety and integrity of your data. Imagine spending time crafting the perfect blog post, complete with high-definition media, only to find out that your disk space exceeds your backup storage space limit. This means that your Backup Manager will not run, and you will not have a backup of your work. If this happens, you will receive a Backup Manager Exceeded Storage Space Alert.

If you receive such an alert, it is important to take immediate action. The Backup Manager will not resume until your disk space is under the amount of backup storage space you have. There are several ways to reduce the amount of disk space your account is using, such as selecting specific folders to include/exclude in the backup, deleting old email accounts, emptying the file manager trash, and deleting unnecessary files and downloaded backups.

For more information on resolving issues with Backup Manager’s Exceeded Storage Space Alerts, please refer to our guide. However, if you have used up all your disk space, you will need to purchase additional storage blocks to allow the Backup Manager to resume scheduled backups.

“Better safe than sorry.”

As old as this idiom is, it still proves true in the digital age. Having too much backup space is never a bad idea! Read on to learn how to obtain more storage space for the Backup Manager.

Backup Manager Pricing

This is the latest pricing for Backup Manager and additional storage space.

Backup Manager – $2.50/monthAdditional 450GB Block – $67.50/month
Additional 10GB Block – $1.50/monthAdditional 500GB Block – $75.00/month
Additional 20GB Block – $3.00/monthAdditional 550GB Block – $82.50/month
Additional 30GB Block – $4.50/monthAdditional 600GB Block – $90.00/month
Additional 40GB Block – $6.00/monthAdditional 650GB Block – $97.50/month
Additional 50GB Block – $7.50/monthAdditional 700GB Block – $105.00/month
Additional 100GB Block – $15.00/monthAdditional 750GB Block – $112.50/month
Additional 150GB Block – $22.50/monthAdditional 800GB Block – $120.00/month

Please note that you can purchase 10 GB of storage for just $2.50 per month, with each additional 10 GB costing $1.50. At checkout, your total charge will include a prorated amount for each month until your next web hosting subscription’s renewal date. This way, your Web Hosting and Backup Manager subscriptions’ renewal dates will align, allowing for one convenient renewal payment based on the term you selected for your hosting plan.

You can add additional storage directly from your Account Management Panel.

Purchase Additional Backup Space

The steps below will guide you through the process of adding backup storage blocks from the AMP Marketplace.

  1. Log into your AMP.
  2. Click on the Marketplace tab.
    AMP Marketplace
  3. Click on the Automated Backups icon.
    Automated Backups
  4. Under the section titled Automated Backups, you will see your account’s current usage. You can select a quantity to add storage in ten-gigabyte (10 GB) increments up to 2000 GB. In a blue alert box, you’ll see an indication of your currently used backup space. Add a large enough block so that your total backup space is greater than your current disk space.Backup Manager Block Size Selection Screen
  5. For example, if you have used up 51 GB of disk space and have 10 GB of backup storage space, you will need to select a 50 GB storage block using a slider. This will increase your available backup storage to 60 GB, leaving about 9 GB of space for your site to grow. We recommend monitoring your disk space regularly to ensure that you always have enough backup space available. When purchasing additional storage, you will see both the Prorated Price (for the remainder of the year) and the Renewal Price listed for the amount you have selected.
  6. Click Add to Cart.
  7. Click Continue to Cart to proceed to checkout.
  8. Select your Payment Method or add one, if necessary, by clicking on Add New Payment Method.
  9. Click the ORDER button to complete your purchase.



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