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How Much Will You Pay For cPanel Licenses?

After implementing a new licensing structure, cPanel caused a significant shift in pricing for both hosting providers and consumers who use cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM). If you are wondering how these new licenses will impact you, this article will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the new cPanel pricing structure and how it affects your hosting plan.

cPanel Has Changed Its Pricing Structure

Recently, cPanel has switched to a usage-based licensing model, which impacts all hosts that utilize cPanel on their servers, including InMotion Hosting. In an effort to assist users as much as possible, InMotion Hosting has been meticulously evaluating how this pricing adjustment will affect its customers in the most equitable way.

Primarily, the new pricing structure will significantly impact VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller hosting products that utilize cPanel.

cPanel Pricing Adjustments

The new usage-based pricing structure of cPanel has led to the removal of our capacity to provide unlimited cPanel accounts hosting for VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller hosting plans to our customers.

Prices For Managed VPS Hosting

The cPanel licenses will vary based on usage, this billing change went into effect starting February 27, 2023.

VPS Pricing1 Month6 Month1 Year2 Year3 Year
cPanel Admin Basic – 5 Accounts$15.50$93.00$186.00$372.00$558.00
cPanel Admin Pro – 30 Accounts$15.40$92.40$184.80$369.60$554.40
cPanel Admin Plus – 50 Accounts$21.30$127.80$255.60$511.20$766.80
cPanel Admin Premier – 100 Accounts$27.50$165.00$330.00$660.00$990.00
cPanel Admin Premier – 150 Accounts$29.50$177.00$354.00$708.00$1,062.00
cPanel Admin Premier – 200 Accounts$36.50$219.00$438.00$876.00$1,314.00
cPanel Admin Premier – 250 Accounts$49.50$297.00$594.00$1,188.00$1,782.00
cPanel Admin Premier – 300 Accounts$60.00$360.00$720.00$1,440.00$2,160.00
cPanel Admin Premier – 350 Accounts$71.00$426.00$852.00$1,704.00$2,556.00
cPanel Admin Premier – 400 Accounts$82.00$492.00$984.00$1,968.00$2,952.00
cPanel Admin Premier – 450 Accounts$93.00$558.00$1,116.00$2,232.00$3,348.00
cPanel Admin Premier – 500 Accounts$104.00$624.00$1,248.00$2,496.00$3,744.00
cPanel Admin Premier – 550 Accounts$115.00$690.00$1,380.00$2,760.00$4,140.00
cPanel Admin Premier – 600 Accounts$126.00$756.00$1,512.00$3,024.00$4,536.00
cPanel Admin Premier – 650 Accounts$137.00$822.00$1,644.00$3,288.00$4,932.00
cPanel Admin Premier – 700 Accounts$148.00$888.00$1,776.00$3,552.00$5,328.00
cPanel Admin Premier – 750 Accounts$159.00$954.00$1,908.00$3,816.00$5,724.00
cPanel Admin Premier – 800 Accounts$170.00$1,020.00$2,040.00$4,080.00$6,120.00
cPanel Admin Premier – 850 Accounts$181.00$1,086.00$2,172.00$4,344.00$6,516.00

Cloud Server Hosting accounts remain unchanged since they do not run cPanel.

Prices For Dedicated Server Hosting

All Dedicated Server Hosting plans will be charged a $25 monthly fee for Managed Services and Support if there is a cPanel on the account.

There may be additional fees for the number of cPanel accounts on the plan.

  • 0 to 100 Accounts: $25 monthly fee, no additional fees
  • 101 to 150 Accounts: $25 monthly fee, plus an additional $25.50/mo
  • 151 to 200 Accounts: $25 monthly fee, plus an additional $31.50/mo
  • 201 to 250 Accounts: $25 monthly fee, plus an additional $37.50/mo
  • Additional Accounts are $6/mo per additional 50 accounts, with a maximum of 2000 cPanel accounts

Prices For Reseller Hosting

Customers with Reseller Hosting plans will not be charged an additional fee based on the Reseller Hosting plan’s cPanel usage. However, each type of Reseller Hosting plan has a maximum number of cPanel accounts available.

Resellers will no longer be able to host unlimited cPanel accounts, and will instead have the following limits:

PlanNumber of child accounts
R-1000SUp to 25 Accounts
R-2000SUp to 50 Accounts
R-3000SUp to 80 Accounts

To accommodate the new pricing structure, customers using VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller hosting plans may need to purchase an additional Reseller Hosting plan or opt for a Dedicated server to host extra cPanel accounts.

However, InMotion Shared Hosting plans, including Business Class and WordPress Hosting, will not be subject to any price increases.

Here are some measures you can take to ease the transition:

  • Determine the number of cPanel accounts you have to prepare for potential pricing changes.
  • Consolidate or remove any unused cPanel accounts.
  • Contact cPanel users that may be affected before deleting any sensitive information.
  • Backup all affected accounts before deleting them.
  • Expert system administrators may view this as an excellent opportunity to switch to a bare Cloud Server or Bare Metal Dedicated Server without cPanel and install a lightweight replacement like Webmin or Control Web Panel (CWP).

If you have any inquiries about the changes to cPanel licenses, please contact our 24/7 Live Support at any time.



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