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AMP for VPS Users

The primary platform for managing your InMotion Hosting account is the Account Management Panel (AMP). The AMP allows you to access and manage your Managed VPS Hosting package’s billing, contact, and hosting service details. Additionally, you can use the AMP to monitor, modify, or delete services. The following is a quick overview of each section […]

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How to Disable ModSecurity in cPanel

ModSecurity is software that comes packaged with cPanel and is used for Apache servers. It helps in protecting your website against brute force attacks and is enabled by default on all new accounts. ModSecurity should generally remain activated, but in some circumstances such as when dealing with a WordPress admin lockdown caused by brute force […]

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How to Set Up and Run a Cron in cPanel

A cron job is a scheduled background task that runs automatically at a specific time, such as performing updates, backups, or sending notifications. Cron jobs automate tasks to reduce manual operations and improve security, performance, and functionality for the administrator and users of the server or website. With cPanel’s Cron Job feature, you can execute […]