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How to Suspend / Unsuspend cPanel Accounts Within WHM

In case you are an InMotion Hosting client who has encountered an account suspension, the appropriate webpage for you is the Account Suspensions page.

The WHM feature allows you to suspend or unsuspend accounts, which is mainly utilized when a managed account has unpaid dues or is overusing server resources. Following a suspension, the websites associated with the cPanel account are rerouted to a generic account suspension webpage. When the account suspension is lifted, this redirect is automatically eliminated.

This information is related to WHM, a function only accessible to VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Reseller Hosting customers. Those who use Shared Hosting do not have access to WHM.

If you’re short on time, you can watch our instructional video

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To suspend or unsuspend an account, you can access both options from the same location within WHM.

  1. Log into your WHM.
  2. Click Manage Account Suspensions under Account Functions in the left menu of WHM.
  3. Select the account in question by clicking on either the username or the main domain on the account. If you are suspending an account, you can place a note in the box to help remember why it was suspended.
  4. Click on either Suspend or Unsuspend.



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