Remote Paid Backup Service

InMotion Internet hosting SharedVPS HostingDedicated Server, and Reseller internet hosting plans characteristic a Remote Paid Backup Service. When enabled, a number of cases of your Dwelling Listing and MySQL/pgSQL databases are saved remotely. You may handle and restore the backups utilizing the Backup Manager interface in cPanel.

InMotion Hosting’s Backup Manager

InMotion makes backups and restorations easy to handle! Our unique Backup Manager plugin for cPanel enhances this service and gives the flexibility to:

  • Generate and restore full, partial, or individual file backups – no extra need to contact assistance!
  • Queue multiple restoration requests and view their progress live.
  • Set customized retention and backup era schedules – meaning no extra 24-36 hour time-frame restrictions!
  • Be alerted if your account(s) are nearing or over their backup quota via AMP and email notifications.
  • Purchase additional backup space directly from AMP Marketplace.
  • Manage backups using cPanel and/or the Command Line Interface (CLI).



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