After a successful login to cPanel, you will be directed to its interface, which may seem daunting if it’s your first time using cPanel. To ease the navigation process, we’ll go through the crucial elements of cPanel. Referencing the screenshot below, you can see the two primary areas of cPanel highlighted in red and blue.


The RED area on cPanel displays your website statistics. It provides an overview of essential information like your Shared IP address, Disk Space, server details, email accounts, databases, and more. These details may vary based on any modifications made to your account.

The BLUE area, on the other hand, showcases the various features of cPanel that you have control over. These options are grouped under relevant headers for better organization. The Mail, Files, and Databases are some of the primary sections that most users utilize.

Are you aware that you can customize your cPanel accounts if you are reselling hosting? If not, you can learn more about reseller hosting with cPanel.

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