Many server administration tasks can be automated or executed more quickly by creating a sequence of command line instructions. With the introduction of the cPanel Terminal, direct access to your server has become more accessible, simplifying the execution of such tasks.

It’s important to note that cPanel creation is no longer unlimited. To learn more about cPanel Pricing Changes and related FAQs, please refer to the appropriate resources.

How to Launch a Terminal in cPanel

To proceed with using cPanel Terminal, you only require access to your cPanel account and a few minutes. Once you launch the terminal, we will offer some useful commands that you can try out.

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Select Terminal under Advanced
  3. Begin running commands when the terminal page loads

Here are a few commands you can try to get started: Change the directory

cd name-of-directory

List contents of the directory

ls -la

Rename or move a file

mv old-file.txt newfile.txt

A Warning About Using the Terminal

It is crucial to exercise caution while using cPanel Terminal, as some commands have the potential to erase your account entirely. Please ensure that you only execute commands that you are familiar with and fully understand the consequences of.



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