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cPanel 11.52 update and SMTP Authentication Issue

cPanel UpdateSMTP Authentication – Possible SMTP Authentication issue due after cPanel update
Status:Workaround provided for VPS and Dedicated server
Who is affected?Email accounts on hosted sites that have been updated to cPanel 11.52

The SMTP authentication configuration on Hostifire servers requires users to have authenticated via POP within the last 30 minutes. However, this configuration is automatically disabled in version 11.52. If there are issues with sending mail due to incorrect SMTP authentication configuration in mail clients, there are a few recommended solutions:

  1. Update the email client settings to use SMTP authentication. In the email client settings, make sure to enable SMTP authentication and use the same login details as the incoming mail server.
  2. Use the SSL/TLS encryption method for SMTP authentication. This method will encrypt the login details and protect them from being intercepted by malicious third parties.
  3. Use the server hostname instead of the domain name when configuring the email client settings. This can help to avoid any issues with incorrect DNS resolution.

If none of these solutions work, it is recommended to contact your hosting provider or system administrator for further assistance.



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