What is Apache Web Server

Apache is a free and open-source stage web server programming that Hostifire Facilitating gladly upholds as well as offering Apache instructional exercises. It is comprised of some default modules that can be arranged, however, framework chairmen can likewise introduce extra modules to grow its capacities.

Apache Installation

Introducing Apache is one of the initial steps while setting up a web server. These aides will assist you with introducing Apache on your server on the off chance that it was excluded as a matter of course.

Apache Configuration

Subsequent to introducing Apache the following stages are growing or designing it to suit your necessities. Figure out how to add modules and set up your Apache web server with these aides.

Apache Management 

When your Apache web server is live, you should then oversee it. Figure out how to see the entrance log, which can assist with reducing the reason for issues. There are explicit Apache codes for various sorts of blunders also. These can give a particular blunder and give you an understanding of issues happening on your server.

You can likewise examine how much traffic hits your server to decide the kinds of guests you are getting with the aides in this part.

Latest Apache Tutorials