If you’re utilizing the latest edition of cPanel, you’ll notice that the Domain section has replaced “Parked domains” with “Aliases.” Despite the different terms used, they refer to the same concept. Therefore, in the following guide, you can substitute “parked domain” with “alias.”

Parked domains, or aliases, allow you to redirect a new domain name to a distinct domain. For instance, if you own “example.com” and would like “example.net” to showcase the same website, you can establish it as a parked domain or alias.

Below we cover the following:

  • How to park a domain in cPanel
  • How to park a domain with separate nameservers

Adding a Parked Domain to cPanel:

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Under Domains, click the Parked Domains or Aliases button.
    Aliases - cPanel  
  3. Enter the domain name you want to add, in the Create a New Parked Domain or Create a New Alias section. Then click the Add Domain button.
     You will then see a message stating: “The parked domain example.net has been successfully created for you.”

Allow Remote Domains

In case you’re unable to modify your domain’s nameservers to direct them to your cPanel server, you must authorize remote domains or service IPs to park a domain in cPanel. However, this procedure is only relevant to managed VPS and dedicated servers.

If you find yourself in this situation, we advise you to whitelist nameservers in WHM where remote service IPs can include aliases.

  1. Log into WHM as root
  2. On the left, select Remote Service IPs
  3. Select Remote Name Server IPs
  4. Add the parked domain’s IP address
  5. Select Save

Allow Remote Domains Except Common Domains

If you need to allow all remote domains, you can follow these steps.

This can lead to email security issues. Proceed with caution.

  1. Log into WHM as root
  2. On the left, select Tweak Settings
  3. Select the Domains tab
  4. Beside Allow Remote Domains, select On
  5. At the bottom, select Save

It can take up to 24 hours for a Parked domain to show up on the web or propagate.



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